Malaga Lights – December 2022

On Sunday 18th December a select few of us went to Malaga in the evening to see the lights.  Unfortunately, the Glass Museum had cancelled our visit as their Belen was not displayed, due to ongoing building works.
En route, we went to the Wonderful Belen at El Palo, which takes about 6 months to construct and the final display seems to cover half a hill !  The detail is extraordinary.

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Of course, we hadn’t bargained for the final of the world cup football between Argentina and France.  Our coach driver ( who was not our regular) was determined not to miss it and so we had a commentary from the radio at a level of decibels which virtually prohibited conversation.
However, we arrived safely and dispersed,  some of us to the Belen in the Town Hall and then to the Cathedral.  There were the usual stalls along the roadside from the Town Hall to Calle Larios, it’s always fun to see what is on offer. Then it became clear that Argentina had won the final – there suddenly seemed to be pale blue and white striped shirts everywhere, chanting, singing, waving flags in small groups.
I took myself off to a side street for some refreshment and the magic time of 8.00 pm arrived and no musical extravaganza – it started at 8.30 pm !  (mis-information in my Malaga newsletter) By then, the Argentinian faction had become louder and, at times, more raucous, so much so, that at time, the music was almost drowned out. In the Plaza Constitution where flamenco singers and a dancer were trying heroically, to be heard above the din, the security personnel were hovering but eventually, all was well
and the performance proceeded unhindered.
As usual with crowds, there is an element of panic hovering below the surface, particularly as a single person trying to forge a way through an oncoming crowd ! But soon it was time to depart for Nerja. There was a mix of experiences shared, while we enjoyed some Christmas chocolates and took part in a Spanish themed, short, Christmas quiz.
I think a good time was had by all, I certainly enjoyed myself!